KISS Rock Band

My two daughters and son along with myself completed the rock band KISS for Halloween 2013.  We are huge rock-n-roll fans and I have wanted to make these costumes for years. To start off, I visited thrift stores to try to find the right boots.  The craft store became my new best friend as I needed plenty of silver accessories for the costumes.  I ordered metal studs online and lined my sons jacket and my Gene Simmons costumes.  This was a bit time consuming, but worth the effort.  I used vinyl for Gene's costume and inexpensive silver material for the other costumes.  I also purchased some black stretchy material for the pants.  I cut stars out of glitter glue paper for Paul Stanley's costume.  I didn't have a pattern for any of it, but I did use pictures from the internet to free hand the bat wings and the codpiece for Gene's costume.  The wigs were ordered. I just used as much creativity I could to try and achieve the look we were going for.  I wanted to practice putting on the makeup a few times before Halloween, but timing didn't allow it so this was our first attempt at it! I hope you enjoy our costumes as much as we enjoyed wearing them and getting lots of double looks and compliments.  We love HALLOWEEN!

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