KMPlayer Icons for the New and Popular PotPlayer

Introduction: KMPlayer Icons for the New and Popular PotPlayer

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PotPlayer is made by the same programmer like KMPlayer. I switched to Pot from Kmp for a the better speed of Pot and for the absence of that ANNOYING SIDEBAR with random ads.

Now to the business, the icon pack is made of 64x64 icons, put in the dll format Pot likes and you just need to drop the dll provided here in the folder "Program Files\PotPlayer\IconPack".

Now some Pictures

Q: Why to use PotPlayer or KMPlayer ?

A: It is very good at decoding videos without the need of ADDITIONAL CODECS installed. It is like VLC or Mplayer but with a much more of a user friendly interface.

Q: Why using your icons ?

A: You don't need too. :)) Give them a try and see if you love them or hate them.

Step 1: How Do the Old Icons Look ?

This is a simple example of the icons.

Step 2: New Interface of KMPlayer

Look the bad sidebar is lurking.

Step 3: The Old Interface, the Oll Good One ...

This is how it looked like KMPlayer in his good days and from here are the icons inspired.

Step 4: Now for the Credits ...

The icons are originally made by Young Huee Kang then recreated at better quality by Nuihc88, who nicely offered a GIMP template for us ( .

My humble doing is to put the icons in the right order in a dll, exactly how potplayer likes it.


From here the dll and from the following link the PotPlayer (

And the KMPlayer from here ( I RECOMAND YOU USE THE PotPlayer.

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