KMR-MY New Revolver.



About: Hello. My name is I have an interest of making model guns with k'nex, even though I don't post much at all, I make some guns then never post or remember ever again because they are simply too complicated. ...

I have made Spryan's revolver, and tried to mod it, but it has seemed so hard so I started on my first project. A jamless green rod revolver. The Idea was so perfect that i was so close.

It james a tiny little bit, about once per cylinder. you can fit 7 shots and comfy handle. I got the inspiration from Spryan.

If you want me to post please tell.

about 20-30 feet range. You can build from the pictures. CAn hold 3 rubberbands, but i like 2 or 1 better. Read image notes for better understanding of it.



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I am disbanding this project until uhh, I have plans for it, you can view it or whatever I dont care, I might post soon, but view my other pistol :

    Because this revolver isn't going anywhere, it cannot compete with the k'nex community and will be left a slideshow for now. I cannot add a true trigger or anything because it jams a lot if you do do that.

    So just stick to viewing my new pistol.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    It jams once per cylinder, so once a shot, right?  That's terrible.  I don't see a trigger either.

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    knex_mepalmMr. Muggle

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    PLease rate. And i ned a name for it. KMR is too obvious. I was thinking of anaconda but it looks nothing like it and the anaconda has 6 rounds.