KMini AM4203 Assault Rifle

Introduction: KMini AM4203 Assault Rifle

This is the AM4203 KMini Knex Assault rifle. The AM4 for short, is a rebuild of the famous m4 rifle, more specifically the M416. The weapon features the following:

- KMini Dual Rail
- Mini Dummy M203 grenade launcher
- KMini Lock 'n' Load Barrel
- Dummy Magazine for Grip
- Firing Pin Safety

Lock 'n' Load

The Am4 uses the Lock 'n' Load barrel system, which traps the round inside the barrel. With such a short weapon, usually, the barrels are open, which means the round in the gun is likely to fall out the front of the weapon, which can be annoying in the event of a knex war, or when you are moving the weapon around. The Lock 'n' Load barrel fixes this problem, by locking the barrel at the end once the round it loaded. It is a simple and useful System. All of the KMini guns use this feature.

Firing Pin Safety

To prevent clumsy misfires, the AM4 features a firing pin safety, which while loading, will hold the firing pin back.

Slide Trigger

As the KMinis are much smaller than normal Knex weapons, they all feature slide triggers. These triggers sit underneath the barrel of the gun. Rather than pulling a trigger back towards you, you pull the trigger sidewards, to either the left or right depending on the weapon. These triggers are easy to use, and use Easy grip areas to make the gun practical.

Compact and Strong build

All of the Kminis are pocketsize, to make them easy to transport and use as few pieces as possible. Each one of the KMini guns uses less that 100 pieces guaranteed, which means there are less pieces to break and they are very quick to create, much cheaper and therefore much more practical.

No more clumsy firing pins

As the KMinis function using such simple mechanisms and are so small, all of the KMinis work extremely efficiently.


There are 4 series of KMinis:

PSeries - Shotguns
ASeries - Assault rifles and SMGs
SSeries - Sniper Rifles
HSeries - Heavy machine guns, and artillery like weapons

Other KMinis will be released soon.

Step 1: Building the Gun - 1

Here is the piece list for this weapon:

3 Yellow Rods
3 Yellow Half Moon Connectors
2 Y Clips (1 Optional)
2 Single Grey Connectors
2 Double Orange Connectors
2 White rods
5 Blue Rods
3 Thick Silver Washers
3 Thin Blue Washers
2 Tan Clips
4 Grey "Pie" Connectors
9 Red 1/4 Connectors
1 Ball Joint Connector (Optional)

This weapon uses 41/100 Pieces.


1. Create the back portion of the gun.
2. Create the front portion of the gun.
3. Connect the two together.
4. Insert the firing pin into the barrel.

Step 2: Banding Up - 2

You will need two Regular size rubber bands for this part.
Use the stronger band for the firing pin.


1. Flatten the first band and put it through the firing pin hole.
2. Take the ends of the band and put them each on the yellow rods at the end of the gun.
3. Take the second band, double it up, put it on one of the prongs of the yellow connector and run it up to the socket.

Step 3: Loading and Firing - 3

The weapon is designed to fire green rods, please post any more convinient and less expensive alternatives!


1. Lock the firing pin on the safety catch.
2. Pull the trigger back away from the barrel to feed the bullet through the muzzle of the gun.
3. Let the bullet drop into the chamber and let go of the Trigger.
4. Unclip the Firing Pin.
5. Fire the weapon!

Step 4: Finished! Feedback and Comments - 4

You have now completed your AM4203 KMini Assault rifle!

Please submit feedback and ratings below, and request any improvements you feel are neccesary for the gun. Don't forget, these guns can always be improved! So if you have any improvements to show me, then post them below and I will review them, and if I think they are reasonable improvements, I will post them.


Thank you for creating the AM4203 KMini Assault Rifle. Please watch out for any new releases!

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    8 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Pretty good as far as these little things go! good job for such a small gun.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    it not that good, but scares them off cuase it looks more like a grenade luancher


    10 years ago on Introduction

    The gun is... not so good. But, I like the intro text and your excellent spelling, grammar, and use of caps. Still, I have to give this a 1.0, because, this is a mag-less block, and as Radio stated, guns like this are unacceptable here.

    DJ Radio
    DJ Radio

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Well I like the fact that you make catchy intros and have good grammar, but the gun isn't so great.

    If a gun is designed right, it doesn't need a firing pin safety, The lock and load has been done in the form of a bullet lock, which works much better and gives the gun optimum performance.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

     Thanks for the comment. When the gun is so small it is surprisingly hard to incorporate all of the features the large ones have. I haven't found many other guns of the size that mine are that look as good and work well.

    I had an idea about using a trigger, but it didn't turn out so well. But I take your criticism onboard. If you have any suggestions towards improvement, please post them.

    DJ Radio
    DJ Radio

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Post something LARGER next time.  To get the idea of what size people consider acceptable (because some people here say that largness is a con in the engineering world), look at some popular knex guns.  Guns like this are unacceptable here.