K&N Typhoon on 06-11 Civic Si



This instructable is to show how to install a K&N Typhoon intake system in a Honda Civic Si (06 - 11)


Normal factory filter:                            320 km to a full tank and normal HP   (7.11 km per liter)
K&N typhoon intake and air filter:     375 km to a full tank and +7 HP gain   (8.33 km per liter)
Gain: 7 HP more and less fuel consumption



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Step 1:

As you can see before there was a common K&N filter with no intake system with a home made adaptation for the oxygen sensor

Step 2:

First of all we need the K&N Typhoon performance air intake system that will go in and a common set of tool to do this

Step 3:

1. Unplug the oxygen sensor
2. Remove the factory top and original air filter

Step 4:

Remove the factory air filter pipe that is made of corrugated rubber 
Be careful with the pipes with coolant, not to loose the fluid!

Step 5:

Remove the lower recipient that holds the air filter, and now we are done removing the old factory filter casing and intake

Step 6:

Assemble the intake, based on the introductions on the box.
Basically it is just to screw the aluminum intake to the plastic filter holdster

Step 7:

Attach the filter to the plastig holdster from last step and there it is the intake system put together.
Now to put it in the car.

Step 8:

1. With the provided tighteners attach the pipe to the cars intake system
2. with the provided hose on the intake kit, cut the hose originally on that position and put the 90 degree angle tube and plug it back in
3. Re attach the hoses removed to take out the old factory casing
4. Fit the filter in and plug in the oxygen sensor back in

Step 9:

Make sure everything is plugged in and start the car.
Let the filter warm up for about 5 minutes

Hear it roar: 

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    yes indeed... not sure about HP, because I did not Dyno test, K&N certifies above 5HP gain, but the mpg were considerably increased in about 20% or mote