K'NEX 1967 MP5K Prototype

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Hey guys! It has been awhile hasn't it? Well, here I am with my newest build, a variation of my brother'snewest post, the 1967 MP5K Prototype. With it's cool front grip, internal-locking magazine, and comfortable body setup, this is one fun gun to play around with. While I have not tested the range on the gun, and I suspect that it will require tape for the mechanism, I am pretty sure that it will shoot up to 40 ft.

- Internal locking magazine
- Nice sights
- Sweet fore-grip
- 10+ rd. magazine
- Sturdy body and setup

I intend on either posting this gun with a full set of instructions or giving you guys some internal pics.


-E Pluribus Unum

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    Many thanks but I won't be making this until next year as I have quite a load of instructions to do this year but I will do them if no one else does.


    1 year ago

    The internals are the same as your brothers mp5k


    5 years ago

    Brilliant gun! Thought I would show you mine! Keep up the god work I love yours and your brothers guns, I have made about 10 of them so far!

    2014 13:12.jpg2014 13:12.jpg2014 13:12.jpg

    It looks great, but I honestly doubt it'll shoot 40 feet. Green rods suck when aiming for longer ranges.
    But the replica itself is like spot on, great job on that.

    1 reply