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This is my knex tank, i spent quite a while on it and trying to get everything right so that it would work properly. Its six wheel drive and runs on chains. It doesn't have a turret yet but i am looking for people to come up with ideas for the tuurret until i come up with an idea myself.

>Six wheel drive.

>Steady pace.

>Looks quite cool.

>Small but powerful.

I am looking for 50 views views first of all and then i will post it. If you come up with a turret idea please post it aand let me know.



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7 years ago on Introduction

Great news...
I have made a version 2 of this tank and it is quite abit more powerful than the original tank i will be posting instructions. It has a suspension still 6 wheel drive and raised front wheels for obstacles.

I like that design. Good job! Can you make an instructable on that tank please if you can?