K'NEX Beyblade™ and Laucher

Introduction: K'NEX Beyblade™ and Laucher

Hello people, this is my first instructable on how to make a knex beyblade. I got the design from this page here and slightly altered it and made a knex launcher for it.

I am using mini k'nex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
to build with regular use white rods and green rods!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Bey Part List

Step 2: Attack Wheel

Step 3: Core

Step 4: Attaching

Step 5: (Optional) Designing

Step 6: Launcher Part List

Step 7: Putting Together

Just follow the pictures

Step 8: Launching

1. pinch together the end of the purple connector
2. Insert string and wrap
3. put pinched end of purple connector on open grey connector of bey
4. PULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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6 years ago on Introduction

Great job! I actually built something like this as well, although it was out of big knex. Anyway, good job building this out of mini knex!