this is a car/rover i dont know what to call it if u have any suggestions,coments,or questions coment on the coment board or personal message me

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Step 1: Parts

u need
2 red rods
2 yellow rods
4 red connecters (they r right angle shape)
4 thin circle spacers
1 small wheel
7 large wheels
2 six-spoked wheels ( if u dont have these substitute them with 2 small wheels i did mine with the spoked wheels )
10 big gray spacers

Step 2: Making the Front

put a yellow rod in 1 end of the red connecter(CONN) and put a red rod in the other end of the red CONN ( U DONT USE THE MIDDLE OF THE RED CONN) . (The red rod will be the front) First slide on a gray spacer on the red rod . Then comes the spoked wheel (you can sub this with a small wheel) After the wheel 4 more gray spacers.Now put on a small wheel. Then 4 more gray spacers. Then the spoked wheel (you can sub this with a small wheel) Then 1 last gray spacer To close the end put a red CONN at the end.


Step 3: Sides

on the end of both red CONNs in the front put yellow rods, one should have had a yellow piece on it already from before.

Step 4: The Last Step the Back

red CONN on 1 yellow rod put on 2 blue spacers ,7  big wheels , 2 blue spacers thenput a red CONN on the end and connect the CONN and yellow rod U R DONE



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    2 years ago

    I hate to look like a hater, but... this is *not very good*.I would say go build Masterdude's MMP-1 and learn how to make some decent guns.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    look to the related searches bar to the right ----->
    and see that you should improve your uhh.... vehicle not trying to be mean just saying been there done that  a decade ago

    1 reply
    Mr. Muggle

    9 years ago on Introduction

    ugh... look at my comment on your octagon (whatever that is)