KNEX Five Round Hand Gun --Review--

Introduction: KNEX Five Round Hand Gun --Review--

Here ia a hand gun I have made that holds five rounds, looks somewhat like a real hand gun, and is relatively accurate. Has a simple handle mag mechanism, and true trigger as well. Also, on the trigger you can take out the mag pusher and clip it on so you can easily put bullets in. Let's see some pros and cons.
True trigger
Relatively accurate
Five rounds
Easy to reload and use
Sights to look down barrel
Slanted handle for better looks
Very sturdy (but don't throw it on concrete)
Quite easy and compact
So the gun is pretty good, I don't know if you can rely on it for a war but is a good backup weapon. I recommend you use it in a war for close combat. So that is basically it for the gun and leave a comment if you want instructions. If I get at least five want-instructions comments I will give instructions. Cya

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    3 years ago

    I made a v.2 but is no longer a five round handgun it's a eight round hand gun. it has a way better handle, has a trigger guard, and has a thing that stops the ram from coming out when you pull it back, so that actually increases the rate of fire because you can pull it back faster and have it not come out. Tomorrow I'll try to get a review up on it.


    3 years ago