Introduction: KNEX GRENADE

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a awesome knex grenade here is a vid of it

Step 1: Base Part

make this thing. if you don't know how look at the other pictures

Step 2: Adding On

now put on the green things like shown

Step 3: More Add Ons

now the orange pieces

Step 4: Even More Add Ons

and last the rest of the half snow flakes

p.s. modify all you want!

Step 5: Making It Explode

to make it explode you can just drop it or you can throw it any way works.



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    he's my friend. and ca...cj81499, i don't have enough pieces! please check out his video it's a blast of favor! on youtube. I am also the one who got him started on this. keep designing ca...cj81499! ( whoops.)

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    good grenade! it really does explode and well deprives you of your yellow connectors.

    As a person who has seen this thing explode, all I can say is be ready to pick up a lot of pieces! It really "explodes" into a lot of pieces!

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    Don't get me wrong, I like it too. But, I was just pointing out RASJ123's obvious comment.