Introduction: KNEX GRENADE#3

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yet another knex grenade by cj81499

Step 1: Piece Count

get these pieces

you need them to make the grenade

Step 2: First Part

make this.

if you can't try a easier thing like siting on a couch with out moving

Step 3: NEXT

add these

Step 4:

also these

Step 5:

to make it explode pull off the top orange piece and let the yellow one fall out. then throw!



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    Awesome grenade! You've given me some ideas as well! Thanks!

    i made one like this before (never posted) but i added alots of peices of the inside, and on the orange connector at the top, i added a chain.=) (dont worry you didnt steal my idea)

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    Hey, tis is just a copy of everything else, but it looks better than the ones i've seen, put a rubberband, preferably small and tight around the grey connectors to see exploding.

    If i posted the idea, then I would prolly get angry at you. I never posted, i never let anybody know about it. it was my own little idea which i got bored of because i dont use it for anything. But either way, you might wanna put some green, red, and/or yellow connectors inside of it.