K'NEX Gear-Motor Dragster




Introduction: K'NEX Gear-Motor Dragster

This is a simple dragster made with 3 main sections.
Creadit for the gearshaft goes to fobblewabble.
Hope you enjoy racing them!

Step 1: Build the Gearshaft

Just build!

(The black connector can be replaced with 3 blue spacers.)

The motor is really slow, so let's make it faster! -->

Step 2: Build the Axle!

Just build again!
You need 11 silver and 1 blue spacer. (3 blues equal a silver just to let you know!)

Picture1: Complete

2: Left wheel. The thing next to the wheel is a tan clip. Notice the lone blue spacer.

3: Right wheel. The clip is still there.

4: Middle. See the gear?

5: Gear again.

Step 3: Build the Front Wheels!

Just build!

Silver and blue spacer, or 4 blues.

Step 4: Connect the Gearshaft and Axle!

Do what it says!

1: The parts.

2-3: How to connect.

4: Notice the mesh! IMPORTIANT!!!

Step 5: Connect the Body and the Wheels!

Again what is says.

Notice the way the motor angles to the wheel connections. ALSO IMPORTIANT!!!

Step 6: DONE!!!

Ok, now see the video for it in action. TURN UP VOLUME!!!

Ignore the china.

Yay! Original Dr Pepper bottles!!! (no period)

Hope you liked it.





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    12 Discussions

    Those are not original Dr. Pepper bottles. they are a much later model.

    This was just a quick project. fobblewabble made the gears, so i thought I'd try them out.

    oh OK then. I might make this, but just a suggestion, change the small gray gear for a blue gear with a tan lock. the small gray gear is probely slipping some of the time making you lose some speed.

    actually it never sliped for the 2 hours i was using it. the gears tight so it cant move that easly. plus i cant find that other gear

    I see it looks like it goes fast but it doesn't look much like a dragster (wich is good because of ho light it is.

    Nice, but i agree, u shud work on making it more sturdy.