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The newest technology in firing pin actuation is here, eliminating the need to pull the pin manually. Brought to you by the EPU K'NEX gun firm, the prototype gun Ascension is our most usable K'NEX to date. With it's own proprietary pin-pull system, this new mech has the potential to replace the necessity for pulling the firing pin with fingers. Whats not to like?

With flip up sights, a forward charging handle, a comfortable grip and stock, and an overall short body, this gun is perfect for indoor CQC. While the magazine I have in the gun is tiny, extending it would not be hard at all!


  • Proprietary charging handle
  • Short overall body
  • Flip up front and rear sights
  • Great grip
  • Nice stock
  • Good prototype range: 40 ft. max
  • Distance trigger guard
  • High ROF capabilities

While this is still in its prototype stage, it could be enhanced to fulfill almost any role. Good luck with the transformation.

This is my 4th entry into the Toy Rods and Connectors Contest. Don't forget to vote for all of my and my brother's entries!

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    Oh wait, I see it now. The charging handle could easily be strengthened if needed if you wanted to apply more bands. My bad! Basically, this sort of works like the bolt-action designs we see today, it is just pulled from the front rather than the back of the pin. It's a good concept I think that could be applied on larger scale weapons too. :)

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    Yeah, the one thing I am noticing with this gun (as opposed to bolt action guns) is that it is easier to pull a bolt from the back of the pin, but pulling it from the front is more realistic. I wonder if there is a way to stabilize it some how...

    You see, all of the power comes from the back of the pin, which is why it is easier to pull it from the source. Have you ever tried to prime a pin by pushing it backwards from the front? Its hard, and it hurts... LOL. That is why it is so much better to do it from the back end (so to speak) of the pin. Not so much friction and torque there (bad pun).

    Yeah, the way to use this design would be to turn this concept into a pump action gun. Just eliminate the bolt from the side of the gun and make something like this on a larger scale. You even get a higher ROF that way.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I like the concept and hope it's used for more models where it'd be accurate representation of the internal bolt. But otherwise, I believe a pump is still the best system for charging a weapon. Perhaps see if you can adapt the mechanism for that?

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    True, very true... Hmm... I guess my bro and I never thought about that... Speaking of never thinking (LOL) you, sir, need to post something, and quick! I think that you have gotten lazy. Once you get something really posted, you'll get back into the K'NEX world, but the first step is posting... Actually the first step is building, but it doesn't matter if you build if you don't post.

    You could call part of it laziness, but due laziness. I have an 8:30-5:30 job through the week, then I'm with someone for the rest of the night. Weekends, I'm usually with people and if I'm not, I take the little free time I get to myself to play video games. Trust me, I'd love to build something cool, and I'm constantly trying to think up ideas at work. I did actually end up starting something that was just for fun a few weeks ago. I just needed to add a trigger and stock to it. But I didn't want to mention it because I get tired of doing that thing where I'll build something, mention it, then not be satisfied enough with it to post. So I wanted to make sure I actually liked what I made. And it's nothing special so far, just an SMG-looking weapon with no other real defining features except for having my typical style. I'll try to get it finished up, though.

    This is what I was thinking about doing. I wanted to create a pump-action gun using this design. I've made something similar to this right here (https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Pump-Action-Rifle/) [hyperlink won't work for some odd reason. :/], but it wasn't that clean of a design, and I hope I can somehow clean it up a bit using this idea. When I have the time I'll try and build it. ;)


    4 years ago on Introduction

    At first glance of the description, I thought this was a semi-automatic. The phrase "...eliminating the need to pull the pin manually." is what threw me off track. Might want to modify the wording a bit. :) I daresay that this isn't a completely new mechanism, but it's very good. The stock and handle are great as well.

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    Thanks man! Oh? Whoops, my bad... hmm... that does make sense. I see what you are saying there... Anywho, I'm glad you like the grip and the stock! Don't forget to vote!

    Also, try adding a lot of the small black wheels onto the charging handle rod. It should provide more strength, ergonomics, and aesthetics. By the way, keep an eye out for a Beretta ARX-160 that I am working on. I am continuing to modify it until I can get it to fire properly. It uses a charging handle style firing pin. Ask your brother to show you some of the pictures that I sent to him. Keep in mind, the pictures are of the gun in its old, early versions.