K'NEX Gun: Rate of Fire (+ Internal Pics and Videos)




About: K'NEX gun builder here at Instructables. More or less retired from the community, but I still pop in now and again.
Hello again. Here I am with my 5th entry to the "Toy Rods and Connecters Contest," a K'NEX gun I named "Rate of Fire" (ROF). I built this gun for two reasons:
1) I wanted a gun that I could run as many rounds through it as I wanted without worrying about it jamming, and
2) I wanted a gun with a great rate of fire = how many bullets can leave the barrel per-second.
What got me started on a ROF gun was Sharir1701's REMPAR. Seeing him shoot off all of those in that amount of time shocked me, and I was like "dad-gum-it, that is awesome!"

With all of that said, I present to you my K'NEX gun: Rate of Fire. It kinda reminds me of a mix of a Magpul PDR and Sharir1701's S1. It has a rate of fire that can empty one mag (7 bullets) in less than 3 seconds. I have not done a full range test yet, but it probably gets at least 40 ft, if not 60 - 70 ft. This is technically a second attempt at my "The TUB."

  • Great rate of fire: 2.3 bullets per second (7 rounds per 2 seconds)
  • Good range: at least 40 ft.
  • Comfortable
  • Cheek rest (see pic #5)
  • Easy to charge, even with two bands (I only have one in the pics)
  • Nice body (IMO)
  • Nice looking sights

-The Red Book of Westmarch



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    Even though I haven't built it. I am going to go on a big gun building spree when I destroy my ball machine

    I respect your opinion, and I can see why you might think that, but since you have never held the gun (not to mention fired the gun), I don't think you are in the position to say that the gun has: "poor design, ammo, and range." And, to practice my debate skills before the debate season starts, I will separately address the things you mentioned.

    Poor design: What about this gun has poor design? It designed it so that it was comfortable, sturdy, and so that the back/stock of the gun has an (almost) equal weight with the front, thus creating an equilibrium. While this gun may be just a bit short, this is really not a con in any way, as that can be put down to piece conservation. Poor design? I think not.

    Poor ammo (choice): This will always be a matter of contention between K'NEXers. People have different opinions (link), and you "running me down" because of my choice of ammo is silly, to say the least. I find that a dark grey one slot connecter with a green rod is a great ammo choice, so I chose to use it. I personally dislike rod ammo, which, in my opinion, really only works in the TR series.

    Poor range: It shoots 40 feet? What is "poor range" about that? What more could any one want? Besides, this gun was built for ROF, not range. It is best for CQC, and was meant to overwhelm your "enemies" with a ton of bullets, nothing more.

    Overall: I will recap what I stated above: I respect your opinions, but you have never held or fired this gun, so be careful when you state stuff like: "I don't think you understand that poor design, ammo, and range all quantify a, yeah, quite bad gun."

    Man, I hope theres more of your 'debates' to read! lol, I had fun reading that but yeah, I agree that the gun is built for ROF not for range hence why it being called 'Rate of Fire'. If looking at range, well....

    I have built that ZKAR, I don't think it fires just a fast, as this, but then again, it could be purely speculation.

    Part of the reason why I don't build BA guns is:

    When you bring the CH back to charge the pin, it pulls the bolt back, getting the next round ready to be pushed into the chamber. When you push the CH forwards, it pushes the round up into a chamber, then you can fire. As happens all the time with the ZKAR, the S1, and the S2, the pin does not always hit the bullet, which means to have to get the round that you chambered out, so that you can chamber another one.

    My point: If a BA gun jams, and there is a bullet in the chamber, you can't push another one in, thus you have to take out the whole bolt to fix the jam. I can't tell you how many times I have had to do this with a BA gun, namely the ZKAR.

    Trigger is weak, it doesn't block far back at all, ram hardly has any room to accelerate, its a huge gun for what it does, other ammo types will fly farther and hit harder, plenty of guns shoot farther than this with the same ROF as well as harder. This is mostly a generic pin gun with a handle on the pin. Also it has a ridiculous amount of cut parts for being not so special.

    Have you built this gun? Have you fired this gun? If not, you are not, as I said before, in a position to say much, if anything at all.

    The trigger is super strong. How would you know it is weak if you have never used it.

    It blocks the pin back as far as it can without allowing the pin to fall out in any way. The ram firing pin (FP) has a ton of room to accelerate. Again, how would you know if you have never built it.

    It is a huge gun for what it does? Again, have you ever held it? I think it is fine, besides, many people in this community like big guns (although this gun is not that big).

    "other ammo types will fly farther and hit harder, plenty of guns shoot farther than this with the same ROF as well as harder..." That may be all well and true, but I would really like you to give me links to those guns (excluding the TR and the NAR). And please  only give me links to guns that you have built.

    A ridiculous amount of cut parts? No, not really, no. Besides, that is just your opinion, there is no right or wrong.