K'NEX Gun: Slinghammer (R1)

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After seeing the K'NEX War 2013 Videos, I realized that many of my guns I thought I might like to take to a K'NEX war would be rather inadequate. My RBLTR, RLSW, RoF, and my K'NEX 40mm Systemmight (and I say this with much doubt) do well in an indoor CQC K'NEX war, but would never work well out side. Once this was realized, I thought it might be nice to try my hand at a performance K'NEX gun.

This gun, the "Slinghammer," was the product of that realization. With ranges exceeding 80 ft., the ability to shoot anything from oodammo rounds to a NERF bullet, and the detachable / adjustable stock, this gun is quite efficient. To see the first version, click here.

  • Great range: 80 ft. +
  • Sturdy
  • Adjustable / removable stock
  • Attachable bi-pod
  • Comfortable fore-grip
  • Shoots all types of ammo: Oodammo, K'NEX wheels, rubber bands, NERF bullets
  • No broken pieces (except for the "stock lock)
  • Accurate up to 70 ft.
  • Easy to use (my youngest sibling can operate this thing without help)



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Absolutely love this gun from the looks to the power to the adjustable stock, just marvelous. Are you going to be posting this gun. I would definitely build this if you post instructions. Please post.

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All it is is a white (8 slot) connecter, that is the ratchet. Then, take a yellow rod, an orange (2 slot) connecter and a green rod, and attach the green and yellow rods to either side of the orange connecter. Tape them so that they will stay sturdy and tight, and then place them as you see on the gun (look at all the blue rods in the trigger area and you should be all set). I don't know if I made my self clear....


5 years ago

Can you please make instructions for any kind of pitol please?

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