K'NEX Gun: TAC 2 (+ Internals)




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Slide-action pistols have always intrigued me. My brother (The Red Book of Westmarch) and I have dabbled a little bit in the concept, as has TLF93 (me in my FSAP, my brother in his SIG-Sauer P225 and FN Five-Seven, and TLF93 in his Walther PPS). It is a fun concept to mess around with, and beats simple pin guns when it comes to functionality and looks (in my humble opinion), and, in some cases, rate-of-fire, although not in range.

The TAC 2 (also known as the TAC 2 Assault Pistol), is a really nice slide-action pistol. It works flawlessly, looks pretty great, has a removable, "preloadable," magazine, and fires grey one slot connecters 35 - 40 ft. It took us (me and my brother) at least 3 tries to get it to work, but once accomplished, it was well worth the wait.

- Slide-operated
- Good range: 35 - 40 ft.
- Works flawlessly
- Magazines can be extended and edited at will
- Looks great (especially in metallics)
- Has trigger safety
- Grip is rather comfortable
- Would excel in indoor CQC K'NEX wars
- High rate-of-fire: 2 rounds per second


- E Pluribus Unum



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    5 years ago

    The term 'preloadable' refers to magazines with a roof or ceiling, where you can load bullets and a pusher in without the bullets coming out of the upper part

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    Well, you see, part of what we (my brother and I) wanted to do is make a K'NEX Uzi. What I mean by that is we did not want to make a replica, we wanted to make a K'NEX Pistol/SMG that would be like the Uzi is in the real world, meaning reliable. As to angling the handle, it would not feed as nicely as it does if it had an angled handle... I don't think.