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This is my High Velocity Sniper Rifle Model 35-1


- Blue rod Ammo
- Removable
- 10 round

Ammo type:
- Blue rods
- Yellow rods
- Armour piercing

Effective Range:
- 15 m or 49 ft.

Step 1: KNEX HVSR 35-1 Standard Kit

Standard kit

- Bi-pod
- Scope
- 2 blue rod magazines
- 35 yellow rods

Step 2: KNEX HVSR 35-1 Blue Rod Magazine

Step 3: KNEX HVSR 35-1 Yellow Rod Ammo

Step 4: KNEX HVSR 35-1 Armour Piercing Round

Step 5: KNEX HVSR 35-1 Target Spotted!



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    Not bad, but like Dr. Richtofen has already said: it needs a better handle, trigger, and stock. Very nice job, though, and you should definitely enter it into the rods and connectors contest if you haven't done so already. :D

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