About: Until i get more knex pieces (which i will not purchase), i am done knexing. I have been impressed by the creativity of the knexers on instructables more times than i can count...and now i say good bye and g...

hello there, i have created a knex concept, and i have put it to tell me if this is innovative or if i need an intervention =P

ok so heres the concept:
the gun is 4 connectors wide, the bullets are grey 1 slot connectors with white rods and (here is the part that is the innovative or intervention needing) IT SHOOTS LIKE OODAMMO, IN THE SENCE THAT FROM A SIDE VIEW, AND THE BULLET FLYING YOU CANNOT SEE THE HOLE IN THE CONECTOR, it is set up like a rod shooting knex rifle becuz the rod and connector are the same size if u look at them right, so i have done multiple tests to see if a plain rod, a connector, a connector and rod, or my "oodammmo" shoots farther and straighter, and so far the "oodammo" has been far better in both categories, i would love to hear other peoples opinions about this. SO DO NOT BE SCARED TO COMMENT AND PLEASE TELL ME WHETER OR NOT IT IS WORTH IT

~thank you instructables community
~from SumRndmGuy


internal mag
pretty accurate
uses beanie ostritches trigger

a bit too bulky for me
tough to put on attactchments



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