K'NEX Lockheed Martin JSF F-35/B (Vectorial Thrust)




Introduction: K'NEX Lockheed Martin JSF F-35/B (Vectorial Thrust)

My best creation. A Knex F-35 fighter that even has a vectorial thrust for VTOL(vertical takeoff and landing).
Its been a while since i posted my first instructable, another jet fighter.
This is probably my best creation, it almost has the same parts as the original and, of course, the vectorial thrust designed to replace the Harrier fighter VTOL capabilities.

Step 1: Refuelling Probe

the probe for air refuelling

Step 2: Flaps and Airbrakes

air intakes for the VTOL fan and airbrake

Step 3: Landing Gear

non retractable

Step 4: Internal Bay

for JDAM bombs and AA missiles

Step 5: Vectorial Rotatory Thrust

My favorite part. The main part of the VTOL system

Step 6: Body

complete configuration landed on the first picture flying on second and third

Hope you all like it .I've worked hard on it.
And sorry for bad photos (It's taken with a mobile phone camera)



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    if you wanna see the evolution of the project just visit my account instructables hahahahahah oooh... they re sooo ugly XD, anyways thanks a lot dudes, it makes me so happy to see you all have enjoyed it, keep being so cool

    1 reply

    sorry instructables account, bad english =P

    Very nicely done! I would mistake for a model quality wise!

    4 replies

    thx jonny. Well i love this plane so i tried to make it as highly accurate as possible... and so it take me and half a year to make it right XD. But anyways it looks cool and im really proud of it

    Well the time it took definitely shows because it looks spot on! I have about 10 model fighter jets hanging from my ceiling, including my favorite F22 Raptor. I may need to build this just to add it to my collection since the F35 is just the ground attack version of the F22.

    hey you are jonnybgood? the one who created the buzzsaw? sick and awesome 'ible bro hope you still improving! ;)

    Ha ha! yeah I am the JonnyBGood (blushes) lol. I am deffinitly still improving, not buzzsaw but some new projects. I'm glad you liked it though! People liked it a lot more than I thought. I honestly thought everyone would think I was crazy. =P

    hahaha thx dude ;)

    Hahahaha thx, glad you like it, It's one of my favorite fighters and It's been hard to make, but seems it has been totally worth it