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The Springfield Armory M21 has been one of my favorite firearms for quite some time now, and this can be seen by my posting 2 previous versions (V.1, V.2). I like the real M21 mainly for how cool it looks overall, but its features are pretty fantastic all the same.

This, my K'NEX version, is better than my other two versions for several reasons. First off, it is exactly the same length and size as the M21 (I have had the chance to hold a M14 since my second version, and the M14's body is almost exactly the same as the M21's), it is also sturdier, the stock is better, the barrel is better, the magazine and magazine lock are better, the trigger guard and almost all of the other parts of the body are more accurate than either of my first two versions. It gets better range than either of my first two versions, as the fake barrel does not get in the way of the projectile, it is much easier to hold, and, in comparison with my other two versions, it provides more comfort to do so.

  • Sturdy
  • Magazine lock
  • 20 - 30 rd. blue rod magazine
  • Looks just like the real thing
  • Easy to use
  • Nice iron sights
  • Nice scope (IMO)
  • Great range: 40 - 70 ft. (speculatively)
  • Great pin-pull distance

Instructions will not be made, but internal pics might be taken. If you would like to see the M14 version of this gun, click here.

-The Red Book of Westmarch




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    Looks great, I like this and your M14 and mine of course, you probably think I took my K'nex M14 apart but no I didn't because I love it so much and my PPSh-41 and Thompson. Merry Xmas

    2 replies

    Well, I assume you mean "spree," not "spee," 'cause no, I am not on a K'NEXing spee, but I am on a K"NEXing spree. Thanks bro, I am glad you like... the stock. XD


    5 years ago

    Sweet! I'm not really that much of a sniper rifle kind of guy but I've got to admit this is Awesome! :D