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Its fun to build the unusual, and the MSMC is definitely unusual. Designed to replace the INSAS AR, the MSMC (which stands for Modern Sub-Machine Carbine) fires an entirely new round, the 5.56x30 mm cartridge. With traits balistically similar to both the SMG/PDW and AR worlds, this gun provides the penetration of most ARs with the size and fire capacity of an SMG/PDW.

That description also fits this K'NEX replica well. In size, it feels almost like an AR, but when it comes to bodily features, it still contains a pistol grip magazine, as well as a rather short over all body. With features like a flip up front sight, an extendable stock, and a high capacity magazine, this gun would be great in an indoor K'NEX war, if perfected.


  • Great sights
  • Flip up front sight
  • Extendable stock
  • High capacity magazine: 10 - 16 rds.
  • Sturdy body
  • Exact in dimensions
  • Comfortable trigger
  • 6 in. + trigger pull
  • Good / average range: 30 - 50 ft.
  • Sturdy magazine

This is my second entry into the COMMUNITY CONTEST: TOY RODS AND CONNECTORS, so don't forget to vote for mine and my brother's entries!

Don't forget to check me out on YouTube, Google +, at my website: The Red Book of Westmarch Insider, and become a member of K'NEX Connect today!

(Don't forget to check out the video embedded within the pictures)

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    4 years ago

    Thanks For The Internal Pics, I Spent All Day Making It ;P

    1 reply

    Gives no support, and slides back into its normal position(close to the gun) all this is from my standpoint, based on views and different angles, as well as a gun recently posted by someone That used a modded version of this stock to hold its self in a steady position. I'll see if I can find it, it has smg in the title and was entered into the contest. But based on what I can see, this stock slides back closer to the gun when a force is applied to the butt of the stock.

    Well, in the first place, its mostly there for aesthetic reasons. "Stick stocks" like that are rarely of any real use. In the second place, you can lock this stock into what ever position you want, its not that hard. All the same, I thank you for your comment, and agree with you that it is not the ideal setup... but then again, it is just a replica, a type of gun not really meant for performance.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    hey Red, nice job on the gun, but here's a lill' tip, try to add a pic of the real deal so people can see what you based it off, And I know you can google it but somepeople(like me for excample xD) are to lazy to do that

    just a tip though

    still a nice gun xD

    1 reply

    Well, I used to do that, but if you do that, you ruin your chance of ever getting your gun featured. LOL, I'd kinda like to get more of my guns featured. Thanks man, glad you like it!