KNEX Mac 10 Review! Original by Entenie-1995

Introduction: KNEX Mac 10 Review! Original by Entenie-1995

Here is a review of the Mac-10. I give credit to entenie-1995 for the instructions on the original. He's the link to the instructions. Click here to go to instructions. I made a few custom stocks. Here are some pros and cons.


-Semi-comfortable handle

-Ten round mag

-Easy to use

-Quite long range

-True Trigger


-I had to turn the purple connectors (the purple connectors are the bullets) around so they don't shoot down instead of straight because if you don't the ram hits the top and launches it down.

-The trigger is a little messed up with two green rods but no big deal

That's the only two I could find.

So that's basically it for the Mac 10. Would be pretty good in a KNEX war. Overall, great gun. Cya

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    3 Discussions

    dr. richtofen
    dr. richtofen

    3 years ago

    Interesting to see a review for this thing, almost seven years after it was posted, haha.
    I built it years ago, but really did not like it. It looked okay, and was sort of comfortable, like you said. It's just that the range it got was like two meters.
    This kind of trigger / magazine set up takes away a lot of power, which is why I don't believe it when people claim they get >40 feet of range with this kind of mechanism.
    Anyway, if you liked it, that's cool. But if you want to build your own magazine fed gun, try to look for different setups, to get better results when shooting.


    Reply 3 years ago

    What I did was turn the bullets(purple/gray connectors) around so the clip end of the bullet faced the front. Gets better range that way.