K'NEX Magpul Masada ACR V.3

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ACRs (Adaptive Combat Rifle) have, for the longest time, been my favorite type of assault rifle. The "real ones" have such a cool looking, not to mention modular, frame, and their many abilities just make the guns so cool. My favoritism can be seen when looking at my instructables. After all, I have posted at least 5 ACR based guns (Magpul Masada V.2, RMACR, R3, ISSC MKII RR, and last but not least my RLSW), none of which have deviated too far from my first (fully fledged) ACR.

This would be the third Masada that I have issued to instructables users, and has many improvements over earlier designs. In the first place, the mech is much better as it now includes a "knock off" version of my RMACR's internals. In the next place, the stock and overall body design are much improved and are infinitely sturdier than my earlier versions. In the last place, the sights are now full flip up sights, and can be activated at will.

- New flip up sights
- New grip
- New cheek rest
- New set of internals
- 16 - 20 round magazine
- Great pin-pull length
- Great range (the previous version's range was rather far fetched): 50 - 60 ft.
- Great stock
- Really modular body

I'll get internals to you guys shortly.


-The Red Book of Westmarch



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    2 years ago


    Really nice. Ive always wanted to build an ACR but never took the time to / I didnt know how to approach it. With that being said, you did great! Keep up the good work!

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    I dont. BUT i have the pictures for instructions. Ive procrastinated on it hardcore. Cuz I bought Diablo 3, and I got Deadspace, so ive been playing those. Lol. I try to get on here often, but there wasnt many new things until just a while ago.

    Deadspace is pretty cool, I only got a few minutes in since I had to go. But Ill probably be playing it more. Idk. Im working on a project that I have been wanting to build for a long time. Im gonna keep it a secret unless i really need some help. Yeah :P but if I do need help, ill PM some people I know.