K'NEX Marble Chain Lift /w Instructions




Introduction: K'NEX Marble Chain Lift /w Instructions

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Have you ever built any marble contraptions as a kid? Have you ever seen other people's marble machines and saw that some of them have lifts (like on YouTube)? Well, me too. But now, there's an easy way to make one, so I made this guide to show you how to build a chain lift for marbles instead of just trying to figure out on your own. REMEMBER: Multiple marbles can't go in at once. Inspiration for this comes from amandaallen6 (a YouTube user).

HERE'S the lift IN ACTION:

Here's amandaallen6's video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udUo6ZRawEE

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Step 1: Parts List

Before we begin, gather up your pieces kind of like I did in pic. 1, then PLEASE refer to the pics. 2-4 to see what pieces i'm talking about in the list below. I can't be exact on every piece because some of the pieces have different colors I don't own.

Green- 25
White- 19
Blue- 31
Yellow- 45

One-way- 9
Two-way Orange- 14
Two-way Gray- 6
Three-way- 47
Four-way- 2
Five-way- 17
Eight-way- 3
Seven-way Blue- 28
Four-way Gray- 47

Gray spacer- 38
Blue spacer- 21
Tan clip- 5
Blue clip- 2
Y-connector- 20
Black Dot- 2
Black Dot Cup- 2
Black Hinge- 2
Blue Hinge- 2
Small blue panel- 2
Tiny blue gear- 1
Medium gear- 7
Chain links (regular)- 78
1 GREEN Motor
Regular (6 mm) marbles

Total: 540+
* + is for the amount of marbles you're using
Now that you have everything you need, lets get to building!

Step 2: The Tower Part 1

This is part the tower the lift will be built on.

Step 3: The Tower Part 2

The other side of the tower which will be attached to the other side (pic.3) in the next step.

Step 4: Attaching the Two Sides

Now, take what you built in steps 2&3 and put it together. Be sure to look at the close-ups.

Step 5: Add Supports

You need this or else it'll fall on either side

Step 6: The Loading Bay

This is where the marbles go to be lifted up by the balls. Be sure to build both things and look at all the pictures.

Step 7: The Motor Section

This is what will automatically bring the marbles up to the top.

Step 8: The Exit Track

This is where the marbles will fall onto from the claws that carry the marbles up.

Step 9: Adding the Two Support Gears

Now, time to add the two support gears to how to chain will move. Be sure to look at all the pictures.

Step 10: Making and Adding the Chain

This is what will be used to bring the marbles up to the top. Look carefully at everything

Step 11: Finished!

Congratulations! You now have your own chain lift for marbles. Now, you can bring your childhood memories back to improve those contraptions with this lift. Turn the "green" motor to the right, load marbles only one at a time and let the fun begin. ONLY USE REGULAR MARBLES!!

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    7 weeks ago

    I want to build a new k'nex marble machine, I already built a marble separator to go on the bottom of the lift, but it's like a marble moving wheel made of white, red, and yellow connectors and green rods, and there's a free fall tube for loading the marbles, and at the top of the tube, I have another wheel and a wall surrounding it for keeping the marbles in it while the wheel is moving the marbles and the marbles drop to the next wheel which takes one marble at a time. once I get enough parts to make that lift, I'm gonna try and make it and I'm gonna make a path separator to go at the top of the lift and I'm gonna have my marble machine have 4 or more paths and all those paths are all gonna lead back to the marble moving wheel at the bottom of the lift.


    Question 8 months ago

    can you make a knex marble machine with this lift?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey!!!!!!!!!! I was trying to make that!! :(
    Nice job though, better than I was doing.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, I worked hard on this guide to make a difference.