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A reincarnation of the M1 Garand? Who doesn't love that?!?!

As my second entry into the Toy Rods and Connectors Contest, this Rugar Mini 14 is a newer adaption of last year's Mini 14. Heavily based upon my brother's (The Red Book of Westmarch) M14 (T44), this Mini 14 is 38 in. long, utilizes a new magazine catch, shoots out of a 5 - 12 rd. magazine, and has a great new stock formation. Favorite wood-stock rifle? That'd have to be the Mini 14.


- Range: 50 - 70 ft.

- Great iron sights

- Comfortable grip area

- Sturdy body

- Sturdy magazine

- Shoots a dark grey connector with a green rod. It can also shoot white rods.

- New magazine release

- True-trigger assembly

- Great pin-pull: 6 in. +

Don't forget to give me and my brother all the votes possible in the K'NEX contest!

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Long time since I saw some Knex guns, I'm starting to get old, haha. The popularity of Knex guns seems to decline now that everything has been tried, as opposed to five years ago or so, but it's a relief to see they are still being made after all.

    I've seen Mini14's online quite often (though sadly I haven't been lucky enough to hold one IRL) and must say I'm fond of how they look. Your replica is very accurate to that, I must say; the detail on the reciever unit especially intrigues me. Very creative use of parts, and I can see that you paid attention to how it actually looks too. Not often but sometimes you see replica's where the builder clearly didn't look long at what it is he/she was trying to build. Do you happen to own a Mini14 or Mini14 replica\

    airsoft gun yourself?

    Good job on this. Best of luck in the contest.


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    Old? Never. Nobody ever gets old 'round here.

    I've seen some Mini 14s in person, my bro has even held a couple at gun shows and the like. Nope, our family doesn't own a Mini 14... yet. =D

    Thanks man, and don't forget to vote! BTW, my bro wouldn't mind if you gave him some votes and dropped by to say hi, so to speak. =D

    Heehee, good remark. Giant gun, 8 rotating barrels, and still that lovely open receiver group and rifle-style stock? Would be lovely.

    On a more serious note, sorry to spoil the fun, but a Mini14 is essentially a gun heavily based on the M14 military rifle, but chambered in the smaller 223. Remington/5.56 NATO, hence the Mini part. The gun itself is barely smaller than the "full-size" M14 at that so I can't quite call it "mini", but the name is a subtle hint that it shares many features of the M14.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    hmm do you have internals for the barrel? can't see how it looks because the extra layer on it :/

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Pretty cool! You know, what I'd like to see from you or your brother is something other than a K'nex gun, that would be intertesting ;)

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