Introduction: K'NEX P99

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Walther has long been a company known for good pistols. From their P38 to their new PPX, they have made a name for themselves in the world of handguns. One of their best pistols, the P99, has proven itself as a combat handgun, both in the militarily and law enforcement arenas.

This replica of the P99 is a great overall handgun. Sturdy, reliable, light, comfortable, and easy to use. What more could you ask for? Coming in at about 7 in., weighing less than a pound, and with a tight body setup, this gun would be a great indoor K'NEX war secondary.


  • Great range: 40 - 60 ft.
  • Really comfortable
  • Great sights
  • Sturdy body
  • 10 - 15 rd. magazine
  • True-trigger setup
  • Slim overall body
  • Reliable magazine
  • Sturdy internals

This is my 5th entry in the Toy Rods and Connectors Contest, so don't forget to vote for my entries!

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    amazing James Bond weapon! do you mind if I post an ible? I am making a spy load out and this is perfect!

    Can you please post ible. I love he gun.

    Can you please post ible. I love he gun.

    Nice gun, but I've got a few qualms with it: lots of broken pieces, which I wouldn't care about if it weren't so excessive; Mike's right: there's no way a traditional sidearm style that you have here could go 40-60 feet; and all of your model pistols are starting to blur together. Try a new mechanisms, maybe? The reason this is such a nice gun: it looks really clean, and it's a great model. And when you're in the model-making business, that's pretty much the key. (I still selfishly would like to see you make different mechanisms and address the other things above.)

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    all of your model pistols are starting to blur together.

    This, a thousand times this. There's only so much you can do with knex in a pistol size before stuff starts looking samey, which is happening with your pistols.
    And try a new mechanism. A standard handle fed knex pistol with this trigger can't get 40 to 60 feet range.
    A standard normal AR sized gun, with a decent pin pull may be able to get it. A pistol, with the ammo behind the trigger block, with it being pushed through the barrel, no way.

    LOL, looks like we have a doubting thomas. We'll have to cure you of that real quick, TheRacker. (That was a little pun there. TheRacker says almost no gun can get, I think he said, 40 ft. let alone 60. I was all like: "what the flip, most of my worst guns get 40... easily).

    My newest rendition will cure you of this doubt you have. No fear of that. I tested it, it got 40 ft. easily.

    I've Looked At It And Nearly Made It From Your Internal Pics

    Very nice job! Looks great :-)

    Long time, no see Red! What's up, how's it going? :D