Introduction: KNEX PAR-V2

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This is the PAR-V2 assult rifle.This model features: a true closed barrel, New and improved grip, Stronger more sturdy design, More integration, Can be moded to a sling gun to increase power, Because the sight is closer to the barrel it also increases the accuracy, Also the butt adjusts to your arm wich makes it more comfortable to use.



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    You're a nice person. This is why your parents don't hug you. I doubt that it's accurate enough to shoot me between the eyes. Certainly not powerful enough to do damage.

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    I think you'll find that no mag fed gun will reach past 60 ft. He's lying. It didn't work for me, it's not working for him.

    Wieght doesn't matter. Imagine a feather being dropped at the same time as a basketbaal Which will hit the ground first? Not the feather. Not even the basketball. Gravity is the fairest thing I know. It always pulls down on objects at the same rate.

    I meant in a vaccum. They both will hit the ground at the same time. In a vaccum there is no air, so no air resistance, lift or anything like that can slow a objects descent. But in the natural world, yes, the basketball would hit first. Probably. How big is the feather? lol