K'NEX PSP Veiwing Stand


Introduction: K'NEX PSP Veiwing Stand

This is a simple stand to put your PSP on when watching videos or viewing images, It uses 11 pieces of K'nex and is very simple to make. It also doesn't block the speakers at the bottom so no sound loss.

Step 1: Make 2 of These. (sorry About Poor Quality.)

Simple needs no explanation.

Step 2: Add 5 Grey Rods Where Shown.(sorry Again About Poor Quality.)

Simple enough.

Step 3: Add the Second Piece to the Other End, Then the PSP Veiwing Stand Is Complete

Easy As 1, 2, 3.

Step 4: All Done

All Done



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    18 Discussions

    heres an easy way 2 charge it, make the stand higher and the it sould fit underneath, maybe ill upload my one

    hope this helped

    yea ive got the psp 3000 which has the speakers on the top with a built in microfone featuring skype internet browser go messeger internet radio and plenty more

    yea i have the star wars 1 it has them at the eop like u said all the new psp slims have it at the top

    yea same here i play mine 1 time in like a moth or so i have like 4 games all i play is killzone tho

    nice. now all i need is a psp and i will rule the world!!! lol first comment