K'NEX Pickup Truck With Dump Bed

Hi everyone, I made a K'NEX pickup truck, modeled after a 1960's Ford Bronco. The truck features a realistic interior, small block V8 engine, and a dump bed operated by a small lever. If you want, you can build the snow plow with it. The snow plow is more for looks and is not functional.

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Step 1: Part Count

Note that part count may be a little off.

Step 2: Build Bumper and Hood

Step 3: Build the Cab and Chassis

Step 4: Build Engine and Roof and Attach Them to the Cab

Step 5: Build Bed

Step 6: Attach Hood and Bumper to Cab

Step 7: Attach Bed to Cab

Step 8: Steps 7 and 8 Are Optional: Build Snow Plow

Step 9: Attach Snow Plow to Front Bumper

Step 10: Enjoy Your Work and Feel Free to Leave a Comment

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    5 years ago

    This looks fun to play with.