K'NEX Pirate Playship




This is my K"NEX Pirate ship and my entry for the TOY CHALLENGE CONTEST

The main part about this Pirate Ship besides looking cool is that it works.
The whole ship Floats with the help of 8 Mountain DEW 24oz bottles
The ship is a little over 3ft long
Other features on the ship that works are, the door on the captains quarters opens, and both anchors can be lowered and raised.

There is a ladder to the crows nest, and ladders to the lower and upper decks guard rails around the decks so nobody falls out, two gun ports with cannons for fighting off other ships.

This is a great toy to play with in the pool or in the lake or just in your room.

So get ready to set sail and tell Captain Jack Sparrow to watch out there's a new ship in the water lol

So I hope you all enjoy my ship and if you like it you are more than welcome to vote for it




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    7 years ago on Introduction

    nice-make the rox boat float by puttung a sandwich bag over it and hold it in plce, someow. i make my liners by putting binbag over em


    7 years ago on Introduction

    thanks everyone i really wanted some pics of the boat in the lake but time just wasnt on my side to get better pics of it floating but in a few inches of water proved to me that it would do what i built it for


    Very, very nice! A great project. Very unique too.

    If you have enough Knex chain, it might be cool to use that instead of the string for the backstays and forstay. Just an idea ;-)

    1 reply

    7 years ago on Introduction

    The mountain dew floats were an inspired idea. Thanks for sharing!