KNEX Pistol V.1.0 THE Punishment

HI everyone. I have made a weak flimsy pistol. It only shoots about 20 feet but hopefully by strengthening the initial design and adding more rubber bands, I might be able to make it shoot further and more accurate. This is my second working KNEX gun I have made. The first one is SUPER DUPER small. however, it only shoots 0-1 feet.

technically speaking, the clip could be as long as you want by just adding those segments but for this demonstration...

Also, if you plan on building it, Say BUILT IT just for lols

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Step 1: Parts


small green rod - 30

Short white rod - 29

blue rod - 5

oversized yellow rod - 3

bigger red rod - 2

HUGE grey rod - 1


tiny purple/grey connector - 14

Y - connector - 3

Yellow pins - 2

small grey connectors - 3

red right angle piece - 7

Green connector

Yellow half circle connector - 9

Orange straight piece - 11

white circle piece - 12

Micro blue rings - 4

rubber band - 1

small rubber band - 1

Step 2: Assembling the Clip

This is the clip that will hold all the bullets. Between every shot, you will have to hit the thing on the bottom to move the next bullet up.

(To follow these directions, just build what changes you see between each picture.(same goes with all the next steps) Some pictures will just be reapetes of other steps but from diffrent angles. Just find the changes and make them if possible. Have fun and happy building)

Step 3: The ACTUAL Gun + Assembly

This is the gun design without the shoot or the clip. This probably will take the longest and also will probably give your fingers internal bleeding and bruises. If you can't do something because of pain, try using another knect or a tool of some sort.

(To follow these directions, just build what changes you see between each picture.(same goes with all the next steps) Some pictures will just be repeats of other steps but from different angles. Just find the changes and make them if possible. Have fun and happy building.

So to shoot the gun, first pull back the shoot until it clicks, then let go (it should stay out like that). then hit the part on the bottom of the mag up until the next bullet is in. Then shoot it and repeat

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    7 Discussions

    The Jamalam

    4 years ago on Introduction

    You made a decent start. This is one of the most simple designs to get right, so here's a list of considerations to make:

    * You say the gun is flimsy. That means that if it bends to the side the firing pin will not have a clean line of movement, and will slow down considerably. Try making the barrel section 5 connectors thick instead of 3. See what works.

    * Similarly, you're using a grey rod for a firing pin. Black rods are stiffer and less likely to snap, so use one of those if you have one available. If in doubt, they are the same length as grey rods but made from a different, stiffer plastic.

    * You've actually made quite a neat trigger for the barrel type, but I'm afraid with that design the firing pin will be compressed and slowed by friction. Using horizontal rods on the top row of the barrel is a waste of power, so consider using diagonal Y clips to attach the top row, like an upside-down version of the barrel on this gun:

    There are obviously more things to improve upon, but I'll leave those to you. Hopefully you can use this to progress to bigger things.

    4 replies
    degah12The Jamalam

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the feedback! you are actually my first suggestion but without people like you, I would have no where to go. (so thx)

    Any way I will remake the gun with your first 2 suggestions, however, I am a bit confused about the last one. I can't visualize it which is vital for me to be able to build it.I would very much appreciate it if you could take a picture of what you want me to do. Thanks again!

    The Jamalamdegah12

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Not a problem, I'd like to try and promote innovation in the K'Nex community so as long as you show an interest I'm more than happy to help.

    I'm actually at University without my K'Nex right now so I'll have a look around for some more examples. What I'd suggest doing in the immediate time period is searching K'Nex, sorting by views and building from some popular instructables. That way you'll have a few more ideas for how a firing pin gun can be made better, and hopefully come up with a few ideas of your own.