K'NEX RBLTR V.1 (Red's Breach Loading Tactical Rifle) (Build)

About: K'NEX gun builder here at Instructables. More or less retired from the community, but I still pop in now and again.

This is my "Toy Rods and Connecters Contest" entry #1, the RBLTR (Red's Breach Loading Tactical Rifle). This is probably the most powerful K'NEX gun I have ever build, with range that reaches over 70 ft. It was a fun build, and is not at all piece consuming. It uses internals that closely resemble gtrain's G36C mech.

Some features of the gun are:
- Great range: 70 ft.
- Permanent fore-grip
- Nice sights
- Great pin pull
- Nice attachment bar
- Breach loading
- Shoots yellow rods

Now, lets move on to step #1...

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Step 1: Main Body #1

In this first step you will be working on the right side of the main body, and part the internals. If you have any questions, please do ask. Keep in mind that you will want to read all of the image notes, they will help you.

Step 2: The Fore-grip

In this step you will be building the permanent for-grip. I was too lazy to take it all apart, so if you have any questions, do ask.

Step 3: Main Body #2

In this step you will build the connecter set that sits underneath the pin (when it is pulled and ready to fire). Again, if you have questions, pleas ask.

Step 4: Handle / Pistol Grip

In this step, you will be building the handle and the comfort bar. Again, I was to lazy to take the handle apart, but it is pretty easy all the same.

Step 5: Main Body #3

In this step you will place the left side on the gun.

Step 6: Sights and Attachment Bar

In this step you will be creating the sights and the attachment bar. If you lack any understanding, I will inform you.

Step 7: Banding and Adding

This is the last step. In this step, you will add the additions to the gun, and add bands to make the gun function. Go ahead and ask questions, as this step might be harder than you think. Oh, and BTW, if you have noticed any spelling or punctuation errors, pleas tell me.

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1 year ago

Making this as soon as my pieces arrive. (Hopefully March 14th)


2 years ago

i have built it, but just to try out the breach loading system. and i have to say, it is not bad. Of course, i am a magazine guy. i really dig mags. But great job

The Knex Inventor

3 years ago

Nice! I will build it sometime to learn about the breach loading mechanism.


4 years ago on Introduction

I just built this (no pics unfortunately as phone camera is broken) and I absolutely love it! It only took around 2 hours to build, including modding because I wanted an actual sight, and it fires exceptionally well, has a really long and really smooth pin pull, and can hold ever rubber band I can jam through the firing pin.

Range: around 55ft holding it straight or up to 100 (!) at 45 degrees.

Definite must-build for anyone who is looking for a powerful single-shot.

1 reply

I can't believe I'm sayin' this, but on the scale of good K'NEX weapons, this is somewhere in the middle. Neither good, nor bad. If you are looking for a solid secondary, I'd go with the S2 Bolt-Action pistol. The RBLTR V.1 is a nice gun overall, but it only gets good range because its single-shot/breach-loaded + 2 size #117 bands.