K'NEX Red Ball Dropper




About: Hi, my name is PatrIck, 13 years and i live in the uk. I am interested in knex. i also like photography (you wont see my best skill in these photos) i like curry and french fries.

Hi these are instructions for the red ball dropper. (Works with loopin lizzard balls.)

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Step 1:

Simple, do this...

Step 2:

Add two greens.

Step 3:

Do this, (seperate)

Step 4:

Connect them like so.

Step 5:

Then add two reds, this is where the ball will come in, and leave the element.

Step 6:

The counterweight.

Step 7:

Now, Attach, using rods.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    SOmeone really needs to find a new name for this element...
    Great job. Now people don't have to look at a video for 25 minutes trying to figure out how to build it :-P

    4 replies