KNEX Reindeer

Hi today i will show you how to make a Knex reindeer. i don't know just how many pieces, but in each step i will go over the list of pieces required in each step.  



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Step 1: The Legs

The first part is the legs and. here is the list of pieces for the legs, there is four of them, in the step all pieces are regular pieces

8 Green connectors

8 Green rods

2 white connectors

4 white rods

4 Grey rods

2 yellow connectors

2 red connectors

Look at the pictures for how to build each part

build the leg 4 times

Step 2: Base

These pieces attach the legs together  here is how to build them

10 yellow connectors

5 blue rods

3 white rods

1 orange connectors

NOTE not connected together. 

Step 3: Body

Here is how to build the body you will need these pieces.  NOTE all micro pieces

48 red rods

24 orange rods

12 grey connectors

14 black connectors

1 blue rod

15 purple connectors

2 3D grey connectors

connect with orange rods

Step 4: Head

This is the last step in building the Knex reindeer. you will need the following pieces  R= RODS

                                                                                                                                                          C= CONNECTORS
12 red C

26 Grey c

8 yellow c

2 purple c

8 black r

18 red r

8 grey r

13 purple r 

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