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"I couldn't find a speeder that I really liked..."

Anakin Skywalker - Episode II

So I built a Gunship instead. In this Instructable I'll be showing you how to build a Republic Gunship, also known as Low Altitude Assault Transport (LAAT), known from the Star Wars saga.
It took a long time to publish this Ible, the model has been finished more than a year and a half ago.

This model includes 871 pieces and measures roughly 40 x 29 x 50 cm (16 x 11.5 x 20"). It's main function is the shooting mechanism under the wings. It works, but it's not accurate. Rounds are filled up from the top. Furthermore are there 3 laser cannons; two on the front and one on the back. The laser domes can be retracted to the hull or employed in attack position. The side sliding doors can be opened or closed in both positions.

I very much like the color sheme in this model, the bright green matches the orange well on the white background. Also I'm happy how the turrets turned out, and details such as the Republic insignia on the sides. The model is also quite spacious when you open the side sliding doors or back ramp.

With each step, I will tell you how to build the part, next to the pictures. The steps are according to this list:

  1. Parts Needed
  2. Making the Hull
  3. Building the Front End & Cockpit
  4. Shooting Mechanism
  5. Side Covers, Engines & Wings
  6. Display Stand & Finishing up

In the following video, you can see the model's functions in action:

Step 1: Parts Needed

  • 184x Black (16mm)
  • 84x White (32mm)
  • 49x Silver (32mm)
  • 37x Metallic Blue (58mm)
  • 17x Dark Grey ( mm)
  • 1x Flexible Orange ( mm)
  • 1x Metallic Green ( mm)


  • 43x Grey 1-way
  • 11x Grey 2-way (V-shape)
  • 22x Orange 2-way
  • 13x Brown 2-way
  • 14x Red 3-way
  • 20x Dark Grey 3-way
  • 6x Fluorescent Green 4-way
  • 86x Grey 5-way
  • 45x Silver 3D 4-way
  • 11x Metallic Blue 3D 7-way
  • 30x White 8-way
  • 4x Green X-Coaster connector


  • 4x Tan/Brown clip with nose
  • 11x Metallic blue clip
  • 44x Black Y-clip
  • 5x Silver Y-clip
  • 2x Orange 3D connector
  • 23x Clip with Ball end
  • 13x Clip with Socket end
  • 5x Ball Joint Large


  • 26x Spacer Blue (½ width)
  • 30x Spacer Silver (1½ width)
  • 2x Cone grey
  • 6x Ball half Silver
  • 4x Snap-on Cap
  • 3x Black K'NEXman head
  • 2x Elastic band (10 mm diam)


  • 4x Grey Racing wheel 37mm
  • 5x Black Wheel 25mm Open centre

Some of the items listed above you can buy on the following websites:

Step 2: Making the Hull

In this step you will build the Hull of the Gunship. This is the core structure of the the whole ship, so make sure all the connections are firmly made. Pay special attention to picture 5: the way the connectors are positioned is extra important.

You'll start with the rear loading ramp, then you build the floor. Next, you build the overhanging structures which will support the side covers. To finish this part of the ship, start building what will be the Front End and Cockpit. This part will be finished in the next step.

Step 3: Building the Front End & Cockpit

Now, you will build the Front End of the ship and on top of that, the Cockpit. The Front End uses K'NEX Roller Coaster X-crosses. I chose them because of their specific colour and normally inutility outside of coasters and ball-machines. Here, I think they fit really well to the model.

After making the Front End, you attach two side plates and add the Cockpit on top. The Cockpit is put at an angle by two pins on the side. Make sure to stick them in well.

Step 4: Shooting Mechanism

In this step we will make the gun turrets at both sides, the rear laser turret and the shooting mechanism that's present under the wings.

When I was making the model, I had a big unused space left in the middle. I decided to try and make a shooting mechanism, in which I succeeded. It's fairly small and can hold a decent amount of ammo (12x 16mm rods) that are loaded semi automatically. The accuracy is not great, though.

The rear laser turret is also installed. I think the radiator vents at the back look great and accurate as well.

Step 5: Side Covers, Engines & Wings

This step will first off all build the side laser-turrets and attach them to the sides of the LAAT. After that you'll build the sliding side covers. The engines on top of the ship are next. They have the typical conical shape, due to a little trick I used before with Anakin's podracer.

After that you will finish the ship by building the wings and attaching them to your Republic Gunship.

Congratulations! You've made yourself a LAAT :)

In the last step you will find how to make the display stand.

Step 6: Display Stand & Finishing Up

You'll build the display stand as usual. I've added three mini figures to the Print LAAT that you can cut out and glue into Super Battle Droids. Have fun practicing your aim!



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