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Introduction: K'NEX Robotic Suit Mark II

About: In my spare time I make robotic suits out of K'NEX
This is the second robotic suit, or kenexoskeleton that I have designed out of K'NEX. It is a completely revised version of my first suit, except for the helmet, and is stronger and more mobile. It took about a year to create and is composed of roughly 7,000 pieces.

See more pictures at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alex-Nguyen-as-KNex-Robot/153178024715380

Step 1: Helmet

The helmet is the only piece I kept from my original suit. It also has eye flaps that can open and close.

Step 2: Torso

This piece was definitely the most challenging. It covers my whole torso, leaving only holes for the arms and head. However, it was still flexible enough that I could lean side to side and bend without limitations. It also opened along the center of the front so that I could easily step inside and put it on.

Step 3: Arms

The arms were the easiest part of the suit to create. I could fully bend my elbows, while the wrist was also able to rotate and bend. The fingers could move and grasp as well. The shoulders were also modified so that I was able to move my arms 360 degrees and even rotate them.

Step 4: Legs & Feet

The legs were improved so that I could walk normally, as well as run. I was able to bend my knee 90 degrees and also pivot on my ankle. Like the torso, my legs opened down the center and the foot folded out so that I could step in to wear it.

Step 5: Final Product

Once I had built all of the pieces, I attached them together and produced the result below. In order to hang it, I built a frame out of PVC pipes and used several elastic cords to suspend it from the shoulders. Putting it on was relatively easy, as I was able to open the torso and legs and just step inside.

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plz make a mark lll and email plz

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the arm and torso were the most challenging

hey I created my version based off your idea

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i see you made it so theres no bottum of the foot so you can reduce part use and increase comfortability