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Introduction: K'NEX Rubber Band Gun

About: I am a homeschooled kid from the U.S. My brother is The Red Book of Westmarch, and he helps me manage my page. My name is Latin for "Out of many, one" meaning that I like to take many K'NEX or LEGO pieces an...

Hello guys. This is my K'NEX rubber band gun. I built it with the help of The Red Book of Westmarch (my brother), and it is strongly based on ~KnexBuild~'s S.K.S.P.

Pretty good range: 20 - 34 ft.
Easy to load
Smooth firing mech

Sometimes the mech jams
Handle is not comfortable
Kinda long
Not very accurate

Tell me what you guys think.

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    An ok gun, but quite old-fashioned; we already have plenty of one-shot RBG's. Why not try for something modern like a clip-fed RBG or something?

    Isn't it the same just with a longer barrel?

    Red Jr.! You've come a long way from pictures TRBoW posted of you're early works. Anyway the gun looks pretty cool, but for your next attempt, maybe consider a more reliable ammo, like connectors or, even better, rods!

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    Well, he is not Red Jr.... actually he is, but this is a different Red Jr. The pictures that I had posted before were pics of my YOUNGEST brother's guns. This is my next youngest bro...not the youngest one. I am doing a very bad job of explaining this...

    I have 4 siblings. This is my 1st (eldest) brother's gun, my youngest brother (brother #2) is the same one that made the gun seen in the last pic of my Wather MPL...Do you see?

    Thanks man, and I consider taking your advice later. TRBoW and I don't really like rod ammo, but it really doesn't matter. XD, "Red Jr."

    Looks great mate and has a very similar structure with the trigger system to the one in this video: