K'NEX Rugar Mini 14

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Hello old chaps. Here I am with my newest rifle, the Rugar Mini 14. It was adapted from the M14, which in turn was adapted from the M1 Garand. It was created in 1973, and has become quite popular with civilians and military firms alike. Mine has a 12-ish round magazine, and I believe this thing shot over 50 ft. It is not to heavy, it is quite sturdy, and it has a novel back-sight. This is possibly the first of multiple versions, depending on what feedback I get from you guys. If you want to see a M14 - M21, see my brothers post here: M14 (+ Internal Pics).

Some features of the gun are:
- Good range: possibly over 60 ft.
- Quite sturdy
- Nice magazine
- Comfortable body
- Nice sights
- Weirdly attached fore-sight
- Very accurate looking
- Correct length: 37-ish in.

There you have it, the Rugar Mini 14. Enjoy!

- E Pluribus Unum

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    The Mini 14 is ruger's .223 version of the M14, not the M1 Garand. The M1 is an entirely different gun.

    3 replies

    The M1 is chambered in an entirely different round, has a different barrel, and uses bottom loading magazines and not top loading clips. Yes they were both designed by sringfield and have similar recievers, but they are very different guns. The mini 14 on the other hand is really just a downsized M14, hence "mini 14".

    Yes, BUT, the M14 can trace its lineage back to the M1, and the Mini 14 can trace its lineage back to the M14, see what I am saying?