K'NEX SIG-Sauer P225

About: K'NEX gun builder here at Instructables. More or less retired from the community, but I still pop in now and again.

I have always wanted to build a pistol with a slide, and this particular gun seemed to answer my "want." I first heard of this gun on the show Top Shot, and then found it on page #265 of my Small Arms Visual Encyclopedia. That book did not say anything about the guns performance, but seeing that it preformed well in the TV show, I was impressed with the idea that it would be a cool K'NEX gun. And so, with some help of TLF93's Walther PPS and Blue Mullet's Removable Grip Magazine Pistol, I created a version of the "famed" SIG-Sauer P225.

Some features of the gun are:
- Working slide (slide can cock the FP)
- True trigger
- Removable magazine (designed by me)
- Nice sights
- Good power: 30 - 40 ft.
- Accurate length (7 in.)

Overall, this gun is a fun build and looks great (IMO). The slide is a ton of fun to push, and it makes you feel like you are using a real gun...kinda.

-The Red Book of  Westmarch

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    I did just that. :3 I subbed him too.

    I kind of find it sad how it's sort of difficult for new builders to get recognition when they start out. If not for you, I'd never have been able to view a great instructable. Thanks. :-I

    Good, I am glad you did so.
    That is very true, it is kinda hard to get the "newbs" recognized. I had trouble some time ago, but I don't have many problems now (no pride included in comment).

    Being a 'newb' myself, I find it's hard to get recognized a bit. My instructable's view counts are at a standstill currently. I know it'll pick up eventually, but whatever. Oh, and Red? Would you be nice enough to view my AutoSuggestion TR? Nepeta wants you to... Pwetty Pwease? If you don't, Nepeta will go all death metal on you; we would't want that, would we? :3
    I hope this youtube video embeds!


    5 years ago

    Thanks man! I will consider getting a copy!


    5 years ago

    What's the name of your small arms book?

    Great gun 4.5 stars!

    1 reply

    Sure. Good looking, small pistols? I love 'em, especially since they don't require a lot of pieces and are a cool thing to play around with. Plus, I'm interested in checking out your 'in-handle' magazine mechanism...

    I will be honest and say that if you want an epic gun...don't build this one. It is not that great and was mostly for looks if anything. When I said that I got 30 - 40 ft. in range, that was from a muzzle-loaded shot (as I did not want to loose any dark grey connecters).

    Ahhh, caught me! I haven't even started yet. I will tommorrow. I have three days off this week so it may be posted this week. I've been considering waiting for the contest still not sure....