K'NEX Small, Pointless But Very Fast Racing Car




My aim is to make things that have a lot of very good features, but at the same time are small an...

Intro: K'NEX Small, Pointless But Very Fast Racing Car

This is my third instructable. This car is surprisingly quick and has high torque and acceleration. Having two wind up motors and a very light and small body is mainly the reason for this. The body is also very strong, and can survive a large fall.. I hope to improve it by  putting gears into it to make it faster than the current direct drive. Good luck to anyone who tries! I'll post if people want me to, but you can see from the slideshow how to make it really.. Have fun:)



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    post it now swift epic car too good to hide wanna build to c if it can go under my rally cars. i havr 5.

    so simple so cool, i feel jealous that you think of such a beginners car that everyone will still love.