K'NEX Sword (Name It Maybe?) -- My First Instructable

Introduction: K'NEX Sword (Name It Maybe?) -- My First Instructable

About: I like to build with K'nex. While I may not be the best at it, I still enjoy it nonetheless. I go to school in the state of Ohio, and am a sophomore in high school. I like playing video games too.

For my first Instructable, I'll be making a sword. I would love it if you would comment on what you think of it, and what I could change.
Looks cool
Blade is sturdy
Serrated edges are BA
Handle is a bit bulky
Slightly flimsy at the handle connection point (but still strong enough to swing)

So all in all, in my opinion, it's a pretty good sword for my first try. Let's get on to the first part!

Step 1: The Outside Frame

Picture 1: Make two of these.
Picture 2: Add the blue rods to ONE, I repeat ONE of the frames

Short step, but that could change... Find out, on Step 2!

Step 2: The Center Piece

Do as the pictures say!
Picture 1:Make this. The black connectors are just differently colored. The same as the white. No pieces need to be broken, I just wanted to get rid of them.
Picture 2:Get two white rods.
Picture 3:Add them in the shown spots.

Step 3: The Two Inner Pieces

These will add two crucial layers for support, as well as looks.
Picture 1: Make this.
Picture 2: Grab one blue rod and three whits.
Picture 3: Put them as shown.

Step 4: The Hilt

It's a bit bulky and uncomfortable, but a later version may sport a better feeling handle. Or, if you don't want to wait so long, make your own! If you do, I would love to see it.
Picture 1: On its side.
Picture 2: Nothing on the inside, Just orange connectors.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Now we get to finish this sword. The most fun, but also the most difficult step.
Picture 1: All the pieces created.
Picture 2: Take these two.
Picture 3: And attach them. Inner piece on top of outer piece. 
Picture 4: Take the piece you just made, and the center piece and...
Picture 5: Put them together. Center piece on top of inner piece.
Picture 6: Take the newest piece and the remaining inner piece and...
Picture 7: Put them together, most recent inner piece on top of the whole bit.
Picture 8: Take your remaining layer piece and...
Picture 9: Attach them!
Picture 10: Take your full blade and hilt and...
Picture 11: Put them together. The gray rods should connect to the two outer pieces as shown.
Picture 12: Sword in hand!

You're DONE! Thanks for building, and please comment on what you think, rate, and subscribe to me!

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