K'NEX WW2 Fighter

Introduction: K'NEX WW2 Fighter

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A basic ww2 looking aircraft (soon to be determind) thats easy to make

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Step 1: The Pecies:

About 60 peices. simple.

Step 2: The Parts:

1. the body
2. the engine
3. the wings
4. the tail

Step 3: The Body:

for the recored, i make my instructables 'as simple as possible' (asap)

Step 4: The Engine:

make as the picture says

Step 5: The Wings:

pics says it all

Step 6: The Tail:

And done! This is a simple design, so please send suggestion to make this better and for me to male other knex stuff. Also as a cha-lange for you, make real looking landing gear.

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    6 Discussions


    5 years ago

    Hey it looks like the Stuka or TBD Destoyer , Wow


    5 years ago

    I am really waiting for you guys to send suggestion for next time!

    Really neat, it's simple but I can definitely see the inspiration very clearly. Thanks for sharing!