KNEX Warthog (from Halo 1-3)




This the Halo Warthog that everyone's been telling me to build. It has suspension but has to have the solid axles front and rear because the real quad axles were to flimisy, the suspension kinda sucks but it works. It has a functional gun in the rear, and looks very similar to the actual thing. I will be devloping a winch and tow hooks for it in the week to come. I'll try to make some seats but i'm not that good at making seats. The gun doesn't show up in any of the pictures but I do have the assembley of the gun in the inst. and how to install it. If u need a more detailed pic of something I'll send it to u when i get a chance.

Step 1: Center Body

The center section of the body. WARNING: DON"T CONNECT ANYTHING TILL ACTUALL CONSTRUTION, your not smart enough to rear my mind!

1- Build two of these side panels
2- The center of the center
3- another view of 3
4- the center consel

Step 2: Front Part

This is the front of the Warthog

1- The front view
2- The bottom view
3- The top view
4- Notice that the center part isn't the same as the sides

Step 3: The Rear Part

This is the Rear of the Warthog.

1- the top view
2- the side view
3- the rear
4- the sides
5- the bottom
6- the rear bumper

Step 4: The Roof

The roof of the warthog.

1- The roof
2- U need the orange bendy rod, the size of the yellow/grey rods

Step 5: The Rear Turret

This is the double-barrel rear turret. You can attach a motor to this and control the spin via motor if you want.

1- the base
2- the gun
3- another view
4- another view

Step 6: Attaching the Body Parts

This is how to put the body together.

1- attach the center most peice to the front
2- attach the center most peice to the back
3- attach the side panels to the front
4- attach the side panels to the back (notice the grey rod)
PLZ notice that no grey rods hold the sides to the center yet (don't add any yet)
5- attach the roof here in the rear
6- attach the roof here on the front
7- attach the bend rods here on the roof
8- attach the rear bumper here on the rear
9- attach the center consel here
10- and here
11- grab the base for turret and connect here in the rear
12- make this
13- connect here on base
14- drop in the turret
15- clip in the turret with clips or mount ur motor now while the suspension is out

Step 7: Front Axle

This is the front axle, it is different than the rear so try and not mix them up. Dont forget the shocks (hard to miss). IF YOU DON'T HAVE SHOCKS GO TO STEP 10 FOR ALT.

1- The axle
2- another view

Step 8: The Rear Axle

This is the rear axle. IF YOU DONT HAVE SHOCKS GO TO STEP 10 FOR ALT.

1- The rear axle
2- another view

Step 9: Attaching the Axles

Attaching the axles, plz dont mix them up. You can adjust the front ride height, but with rear you have to move the shock forward on grey rod (towards the front for u idiots)

1- grab the rear axle and mount the rods here (between the sides and center)
2- mount the shocks here
3- grab the front axle and mount the rods similarly to the rear
4- the shocks mount on this, you can put a rod there if u want and clip the shocks in place

Step 10: Alt. Suspension

If u dont have shocks, this will show you how to use balljoints and rubberbands as shocks,

1- attach the ball joints like so, the ball parts are mounted to the axle and blue rod
2- place grey rod near axle arms, wrap rubberbands around axle like they are in 1st pic, and place round grey rods
3- close up of ball joints
4- now do the same thing to the rear, you might have to be a little creative (srry no pics)



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    i built it and my mate was impressed by it. thanks for the instructions =)

    chris mayo

    9 years ago on Introduction

    THE BEST TRUCK EVER,i made the suspensoin permanatly stay in place because i didnt have the right kind of pieces for either i got done and it still had THE BEST SUSPENSION EVER (without rubber bands).

    chris mayo

    9 years ago on Introduction

    what if you dont have either for the suspension,can i use dark grey pieces


    10 years ago on Introduction

    well done this post is realy popular, and also well done on the look of the car it looks just like the one in halo 3.

    1 reply

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thx, I got the wheels from a the Overdrive Monster Truck kit about 2-3 years ago. The truck is really sweet, you should post instructions


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    do you know any place i could get them from? (apart from ebay, I already tried and no 1 ships 2 the uk...)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    you can try to build a small set of wheels with knex or try to find similar wheels like the ones on your truck