KNEX Ball - Kball





Introduction: KNEX Ball - Kball

I've came up this week with a knex handball. It's solid,and hurts alot,but it's not unbreakeble.NO RODS,only white,grey(2)and orange connectors.
This "technology" isn't new,i know it.
Connectors list: 40 - grey2
18 - white8
8 - orange2
DON'T LEAVE IT LIKE THIS OVERNIGHT,THE ORANGE AND GREY PARTS WILL DAMAGE WITH TIME,mine are a bit weaker,only the white connectors have a cool thing,some holes are stiffer.

Step 1: Parts List(image)


Step 2: Step 1: Spiders

Take a white connector,star shape,and add 8 grey connectors like in the picture.You must build 2 of these and those 4 white conn.+1 grey rod on each

Step 3: Step 2: Other Parts

this is easy,just take a good look at the pictures

Step 4: Next Step

you must have 2 of these;

Step 5: Step 4,no?

pay attention please
you put them face to face and add the white connectors,the rest of them.

Step 6: It's Finished!

don't play hard with it or throw fast at someone,it hurts,so be carefull.have fun!



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30 Discussions

It is hard to put together, but worth it when you are done. This is really good!

Huh. I bet this could be warped somehow to make a good shranaple grenade. Or u can just throw it... Ow

lol,right. once,i build a disc of white connectors white rods and green rods,it was indestructable,but only 2 green rods could be removed before disassambling