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Hello everyone, it's been a while since my last gun, but here is the latest one, it is called the CCR, which stands for concept combat rifle.It has been lying around for a while and I was waiting for myself to perfect it before posting it, not just internally but mainly cosmetically, unfortunately I do not have a picture of it when I first built it. But if I did, you wouldn't think they were the same design.

What did I change then...

.completely new foregrip area, new barrel, stock modded twice, new mag lock, more work on the barrel, different sights, mag cosmetically changed, foregrip changed again, a different pin housing, and probably some more.


Step 1: Stock

The stock on this was a problem for a while in my opinion because it used to look terrible, however I shortened it, then added the curves and points all over it, until I thought it looked good.It is also very comfortable.

I used to have bands on the handle guard, (orange and grey thing attached to the middle of the stock.)Which gave it a better shape, but when I took the photo's they weren't on, because although they look better they weaken it.

Step 2: Mag and Mag Lock

The mag on this is my own design it has its own internal mag pusher, which works by a cog spinning and pushing a bendy rod with a flat surface of 2 red connectors, pushing the bullets up through a standard non-preloadable mag.

I needed a mag lock as the bullets pushed against the barrel of the gun forcing the mag out. The mag lock was a challenge to get right, because it had to be strong, the idea in the end was to put a rod through the top barrel of the gun with a tan clip on it, a gap was made in the top of the gun so the rod could go far enough, the tan clip dug into a gap made in the top of the mag, so the mag couldn't fall out, I have had no issues which is great.

Step 3: Foregrip and Barrel

Well the front bit...

Only changed this 5 times,

but yeah, if you don't like it, then that was hours of my life I'll never get back,

moving on...

Step 4: The Handle and Trigger

What can I say, the handle looks good but is possibly the weakest thing known to mankind, it's OK now, but before you tapped it and it fell apart.

Trigger used to be weak but with some encouragement in the form of sellotape, it is actually pretty good,

See, simple is good!

Step 5: The Verdict

The gun, how is it:


.Looks pretty nice IMO

.Gets great range ( especially with the sniper mag, (different ammo)

.Comfy, (stock, handle, foregrip)

.Long pin pull

.Easy to pull pin

.Tough, Easy to pull, true trigger


.Took me about 15 Pink Floyd albums to make ((time,) not the song!) BRACKET INCEPTION

.Handle guard flops about unless you have bands

.Small mag (5)

Step 6: Broken Binoculars Sight

Got kinda bored so put 1 of the 2 lenses of some broken binoculars and then tied them to the gun,

pro tip, never do it.

But the iron sights are alright.

Votes would be appreciated hope you liked the gun. If you want me to build anything in particular just tell me.



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    Knextremely stupid

    3 years ago

    Could u give some internals of the mag pusher is like to use it in the future if I have permission

    1 reply

    of course! I'll post some more pics at some point, hopefully today, so you and anyone else can use it, just make sure you say that it is my design, I don't want anyone saying that I copied you.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks that means a lot, especially with the time that has gone into it.

    You don't have to, but I would love a vote.