Introduction: KNEX Uz90

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basicley its a crossbetween a FN P90 , UZI ok . Its not supposed to loook like a p90 of uzi its a cross so get it in ya brain i just made it myself becaause every1s p90 on utube SUCKED LOL
seriously so i HOPE U LIKE IT

Step 1: Front/ Barrel

thought his up aswell

Step 2: Push Ram

hehe its big to u get power and with it big you get a bit more speed

Step 3: Down the Gun

Step 4:

Hope you like the gun and i hope u post comments thx for looking at it if you want to know anything i will be glad to answer



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    It doesnt look like an uzi. Why is is called an uzi if it doesnt look like one?

    If the ones on youtube suck, post it there because thats where your gun belongs... 0.5*

    No, I never saw his comment, until I looked on the other completely pointless 'ible.