KNEX Crossbow

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this is my design of a K'NEX crossbow.

It is simple and works well.
he shoots through 1 sheet of paper (slightly out how many rubber bands you use, 1 is very hard but the rubber band refurbished fast) You can use all types of rubber bands.

Step 1: The Middle

Step 2: The Firing Trigger

Step 3: The Handle

Step 4: Aiming

Step 5: The Nose

Step 6: The Bullits

Step 7: Firing!

here are the pictures to fire.

Step 8: The Final Step

you can make improvements if you like.



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4 years ago on Introduction

It's okay, but could definitely use some work. the rubber bands wear out too fast, and it's not really powerful.


8 years ago on Introduction

please send pictures if you made one I like pictures... XD


Reply 9 years ago on Step 8

if u do it my way u pull the rubber band back behind step 4, stick the ammo in-between the two circle like conectors and let go of the ruber band and it goes flying. it is so cool i like do it with the longer ammo better though.