Often we need to access our computers or devices house when we're not in it, and since most of us have dynamic IP from our ISP, we will make a small device that will send us notifications to our Android phone in a simple way, so that we always will have the ip that has our router and the possibility of access to our home from any internet-connected device.

With this system we will have our public IP notification system without having to resort to complicated setup, emulating a DDNS system, but in this case is private and the data is only stored on your phone.

Things we need.

  • Arduino uno o mega (recommended Mega,controlling future sensors)
  • Shield ethernet W5100
  • APP Omniblug Home IP

Step 1: Assembly

The assembly of the shield with Arduino is very simple, we must link the two parts, as shown in the images.

Now, we program arduino with attached scket.

It is important to note the ip and port from skecth, because we will use in our app mobile. (See image)

Step 2: Connecting to Router

We connect Arduino to our router with a network cable.

We can create ourselves a cable to power arduino from usb router with 5v. In the image can see the conexion.

  • Pin 1 - VCC
  • Pin 4 - GND

Step 3: Programming Arduino Module

In the last step, we configuring the arduino module from the app mobile.
In adjust from app, is important have the same IP y PORT that arduino.

Remember we must be connected the WIFI for configuring.

In option "Module" only do click in button "Send configuration".

We waited a few seconds until appear the message that we all went well displayed.
You will shortly receive notification in our mobile with the Public IP from router.

This is all.

We have our public notification system ip configured and ready to go.

Arduino checks the public IP that your router has been changed and if the previous ip we had sent us a notification to our mobile.

App Omniblug Home IP


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    5 years ago

    Smart idea! :)