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Introduction: K'Nex Grabber Claw

Made in 2008, I was camera-less and wanted to show the world my creation, so my friend took it to his house and took pictures, then he posted on his account.

You know/knew him as "DarthVader" and "SuperVader".

This is it re-posted, since he deleted it (and his account).

Pull the handle to close. Four claws, holding up to, but not limited to, four pounds.

Many models have been based off of this on YouTube, Instructables, and other websites.

This was built with no instructions, and there were many copies (maybe not copies but mine was the first. This isn't a contest, but for the record, mine was the first...)

Here you go.

At some point I hope to have all of my creations on this account for better pictures, so for now, just bear with me for now.

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Step 1: The Claw

My friend didn't take anything apart, so this will really be just a collection of angles, until I update everything in the (hopefully) near future.

This step details the claw, pay attention to notes.

Picture 1: The mechanism. This is how it works.
Picture 2: A different angle, detailing the individual claws.
Picture 3: A view of the main chamber.

Step 2: The Columns

Notice how many columns there are and how the middle rod connections are built.

Picture 1: The full thing, count how many sections there are. you could increase/decrease the length if you want, but this was built for optimal length.
Picture 2: The handle. The rubberband is positioned to give your hand comfort and strength. notice the guides on either side.
Picture 3: Notice the grey connectors, and how the orange connectors overlap with the blue connectors when open, this ensures that the orange connectors won't turn and jam.

Step 3: Mods

- Add rubberbands right under the hooks at the end of the tan clip at the end of the claw for maximum traction when gripping objects.
- Put spacers wherever you want, to make sure nothing slips around.
- You can cut the yellow connectors if you want, to make them less pokey, but they don't get in the way anyways.
- replace the light grey connectors with dark grey connectors.

Columns and Handle:
- Add tape or cloth anywhere for comfort.
- Add spacers or connectors on the blue rods going down the handle of you don't want the main rod to wobble.
- Make it as long, or short, as you want... The claw, I mean, *cough**cough*...

I know it's big, I've made smaller claws, but I wanted it big so it could pick big stuff up. I will post pictures here if anyone has built it and posts a picture. Thanks!

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    19 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Cool claw. If anyone wants a parts list i figured it out so here it is:

    Rods: 48 green, 64 white, 48 blue, 7 yellow, 1 red.

    Connectors: 51 dark grey or 1-way, 14 light grey or 2-way, 16 red, 32 green, 41 yellow, 1 white, and 15 orange.

    Other: 19 tan clips, 1 rubberband

    Hey DB2016, if you want to add this parts list you can I don't care.



    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, this is old and I'm just going around, but this doesn't even get enough views to have your comment ever disappear, haha. Thanks!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    i Actually just wanted to say, the first was made in 2003, Never document mind! it's odd how yours looks almost identical to the one i built aswell XD shows you how much brains think alike!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Nope, I went over to my cousin's house one day when I was 9 or 10, and I saw one of those robot claw toys, so for the next few weeks or so I tried concept after concept until I had it figured out.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    No, I haven't seen that. very impressive! I've built things like that but up until a while ago I didn't have a camera, and things are kind of slow now, but I'll try to keep everyone up to date.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I think I might be re-doing it soon.